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On Thursday 15th July, 8:00 AM Registration begins at the Main Office!


Every Competitor who has a Radio Controller working in the MHz range, have to pass a frequency test!
It must be done after the registration. Monday from 16:00 – 18:00, in the tent next to the Main Office. The competitor cannot start the championship if the frequency test have not passed.

During the World Championship we make randomized tests in the MHz ranged frequencies!

Frequency changes could only be done, when the competitor ask for it in Main Office and gets permission before the heat!


Destination: Hollókő
Price:   25 EUR
Meeting:   in front of the Tó-Hotel
Travelling type: BUS  Limit: 80 people
Payment and Registration: ONLY on Wednesday, from 14:00-17:00 

World Championship Openin Ceremony

10 órakor versenyzői bevonulással kezdődik a Parkolóból.

World Championship 2011

World Championship panorama 04.07.2011 by Hans-Jürgen Borchers: